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Looking for a Master Degree in a Quantum Technology?
This site is designed for individuals who are considering a career within the field of Quantum Information Science (broadly defined as applied quantum science, namely, quantum computing, quantum engineering, quantum simulations, quantum sensing, quantum networking & security, et cetera.)


Courses are provided courtesy of the Harristown Quantum Technologies Master Degree Incubator

QISC 503: Foundations of Optical Engineering for Quantum Technologies Starting soon, TBD! (4 weeks)  
QISC 500: Foundations of Quantum Technologies Starting in March 2022 (14 weeks)  
QISC 504 Data Science for Quantum Technologies TBD (4 weeks)  
QISC 505 Software Engineering I for Quantum Technologies TBD (4 weeks)  
QISC 506 Software Engineering II for Quantum Technologies TBD (4 weeks)  
QISC 511 Advanced Mathematics for Quantum Technologies TBD (4 weeks)  
QISC 512 Advanced Physics for Quantum Technologies TBD (4 weeks)  
QISC 513 Fundamentals of High Performance Computing for Quantum Technologies TBD (4 weeks)  
QISC 514 Fundamentals of Scientific Computing for Quantum Technologies TBD (4 weeks)  


QISC 500: Foundations of Quantum Technologies May 1 to July 31, 2021 (14 weeks) [INFO]
QISC 501: Foundations of Computer Science for Quantum Technologies October 9-30, 2021 (4 weeks) [INFO]
QISC 502: Foundations of Electrical Engineering for Quantum Technologies November 13, 20, 27, December 4, 2021 (4 weeks) [INFO]
QISC 599-01 Graduate Seminar: A non-review of Quantum Machine Learning: trends and explorations Dec 11, 18, 2021 (2 weeks) [INFO]

Note: Listed below are bona fide existing Master Degreeprograms that a person can apply for now. As the field is expanding, there are new degree programs being discussed in numerous universities -- these work-in-progress degree programs are **not** yet included in this list until the program is formally approved by the respective university and students are publically welcome to apply for the degree. The listing below is in no particular order.

If you have information about a program that is not listed here, please do send the information to quantum@harrisburgU.edu and we'll add it after the information is verified.


These programs are verifed as being legit by having personal, person-to-person confirmation with the program lead; so, should you seek more infomation or you apply to the program, you can expect to receive a response.
1.The Australian National University, CanberraMaster of Science in Quantum TechnologyDetails
2.Duke UniversityMS Quantum Computing ConcentrationDetails
3.Harrisburg University of Science and TechnologyMS ISEM, Quantum Computing ConcentrationDetails
4.Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen AND Technical University of Munich (TUM)MSc Quantum Science & TechnologyDetails
5.TU Delft / QuTech AcademyMSc Applied Physics: Quantum Devices and Quantum ComputingDetails
6.University of Rhode IslandMS in Quantum ComputingDetails
7.University of WaterlooMasters Quantum Information specialization programDetails
8.University of Wisconsin-MadisonMS in Physics-Quantum ComputingDetails
9.University of the Basque CountryMaster in Quantum Science and TechnologyDetails
10.ETH ZurichMaster of Science ETH in Quantum EngineeringDetails
11.University of BristolMSc Optoelectronic and Quantum TechnologiesDetails
12.Three universities and one photonics research institute: Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC); University of BarcelonaMaster Studies in Optics and PhotonicsDetails
13.UNNAMED in the Yorkshire and the Humber Region of the UKMSc(Res) Quantum Photonics and Nanomaterials
14.UCLQuantum Technologies MScDetails
15.University of SussexQuantum Technology MScDetails
16.University of QueenslandMaster of Quantum TechnologyDetails
17.RWTH Aachen UniversityMaster study-track on Quantum TechnologyDetails
18.Colorado School of MinesQuantum Engineering Software Track; Quantum Engineering Hardware TrackDetails
19.Indiana University BloomingtonQIS MS DegreeDetails
20.TU KAISERSLAUTERNMaster of Science in Advanced Quantum PysicsDetails
21.University of Southern California, Viterbi School of EnginerringMS in Quantum Information ScienceDetails
22.Duquesne UniversityProfessional MS in Applied PhysicsDetails
23.Universidad Politecnica de MadridMaster in Quantum Computing TechnologyDetails
24.Cornell UniversityMaster of Engineering in Engineering PhysicsDetails
25.UCLAMasters Degree in Quantum Science and TechnologyDetails
26.Universite de StrasbourgMaster of Science (M.Sc.) in Physics / Quantum Science and Nanomaterials (QMat)Details
27.Indian Institute of ScienceM. Tech. Program in Quantum TechnologyDetails
28.Universitat Barcelona w/ Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona & Universitat Politecnica de CatalunyaMasters Degree in Quantum Science and TechnologiesDetails
29.University of DelawareMaster Degree in Quantum Science and EngineeringDetails

Pending Confirmation

These programs are currently in the process of being verified as being an actual program that potential students can apply for. We are actively reaching out to invidiual persons at the institution to confirm the progam is operational. Hopefully over time, these will be upgraded to Verified; if not, they will be down graded to Non-Verified after four-months of trying.
1.QusoftThe QuSoft MasterDetails
2.University of GroningenTop Master Programme in NanoscienceDetails
3.Heriot-Watt and St. Andrews Universities??Photonics and Optoelectronic Devices - MSc (Program Closing [as of 3-Mar-2021])Details
4.Naturelles de TunisMaster's in NanotechnologyDetails
5.Arabian Gulf UniversityMasters in Next Generation ComputingDetails
6.George Mason UniversityMS in Applied and Engineering Physics, Quantum Information Science and Engineering Concentration [Hwdr or Sftwr focus]Details
7.Sorbonne UniversityMaster of Computer Science - Quantum Information (IQ)Details
8.Creighton UniversityM.S. in Physics (Thesis in Quantum)Details
9.Uppsala UniversityMaster's Programme in Quantum TechnologyDetails


Sadly, these programs have not responded to at least five reasonable attempts which have been made over a four-month period to reach a human being associated with the program indicated on their website. Consider these programs at your own risk, they may not be bona fide options!

If you are looking for a listing of universities engaged in quantum [A superset of the lists above -- those without a Master program], see the page at QuantumComputingReport.com

Data is courtesy of Harrisburg University. Contact quantum@harrisburgU.edu

Thank you to Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Quantum Computing / Harrisburg University Quantum